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Introducing SourceBinder

SourceBinder is a node based visual development environment for Flash 10.

Instead of writing code you assemble a set of building blocks on a canvas and wire those blocks together. This allows you to rapidly create Flash applications.

You can export those applications into regular Flash SWF file.

SourceBinder will be available free of charge for any purposes.

Recent Nodes
PointLight3D by soleil
Sphere by silex in 3D
Glow by silex in Filter
PerlinNoise by silex in Displayobject
BitmapFileMaterial by mind
Stepper by silex in Math
Camera3D by mind in 3D
PapervisionRenderer by mind in 3D
ParticleField by soleil
Current Development

Public SourceBinder Access [done]
Starter nodeset [in progress]
SWF export [in progress]
Group functionality [in progress]